Tailor made travel
in Russia
Private itineraries to travel any destinations in Russia
Haven't found suitable tour for you?
SHARE your preferences and we will DESIGN most suitable itinerary for you.
...about what do you want to see in Russia, what cities to visit, what leisure activities do you prefer and etc.
...with us your thoughts. How many of you are traveling or maybe it will be a solo travel.
...to Russia with your private itinerary designed specially for you.
Tailor Made travel is for you if:
You want to travel to few cities in Russia but can't find much information
You are traveling with your family/friends and want to have personalized trip
You have particular budget with which you want to cover as much as you can
You want to travel across Russia and need local person who will take care of all arrangements
Russian services such as RZD don't accept your credit cards to make payments
We book
Aside the itinerary, we provide full concierge service and book:
Train, flight and boat tickets
Accommodation (hotels/hostels)
Transfers / private drivers
Theater and ballet tickets
Tours and leisure activities
Other individual requests
Planning your trip to Russia may take hours and days of researching and collecting information. And still you will have tons of questions and concerns.

Pass these organizational issues to local professionals and save your precious time and nerves.

UNITED TOURS RUSSIA is a team of very well travelled professionals, who are familiar with travel needs and preferences that you may meet in Russia.
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[ Tailor made travel ]
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