"5 Myths about Russia"
You've probably heard a lot of "facts" about Russia that you assume to be true. So we are here to show that at least some of them are no more than just a myths!

1 ) It's always cold in Russia
Yes, Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world in the winter, with frosts of up to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) common in the Moscow area and getting even colder further North. However, a lot of regions in Russia also have incredibly warm summers, and very mild fall and spring seasons.

2 ) Nobody ever smiles
If you travel on the metro in the mornings, you'll certainly see many glum faces and yes, it is rare for Russians to smile for no reason. Why? Some blame a combination of the poor weather, at least in the winter, a turbulent history, especially in the past century coupled with a general mistrust of outsiders (it didn't pay to be inquisitive during communist times) and difficult living conditions for most, even today. The truth is, however, that Russians are warm, friendly, and extremely funny – just not in public. It is a norm in Russia to have one's "serious face" on while in public places, and being too loud or showing too much emotion is considered strange and perhaps even impolite.

3 ) Russians drink more than anybody else in the world
Russia has a reputation as the nation that drinks the most. However, despite this commonly held stereotype, statistics attest that there is more than one alcohol consumption leader in the world. Every year a new country pushes towards the top of the list, while Russia is often surpassed by numerous other nations. Countries including – but not limited to – Lithuania, Estonia, France and the Czech Republic usually come in ahead of Russia.

4 ) There's nothing to see beyond Moscow
Those who come from overseas to Moscow and visit the Red Square and the Kremlin think that's it. But this is absolutely false. Beyond Moscow are incredible vistas awaiting you, St. Petersburg is wonderful. Interesting little villages along the Volga or countryside are very peaceful, and one could go to Siberia for it's wildlife. You can find old wooden churches no matter which way you head, and then the hidden gems along the Golden Ring… It would take over a month to get an adequate sampling of the food, society, history and architecture of this thousand-year- old land.

5 ) Russian lawyers planned a lawsuit against the producers of Harry Potter since Dobby the elf looks like President Vladimir Putin
The joke, which appeared suddenly and rapidly spread on the internet, did not receive an official confirmation. Millions of people waited for a follow-up to this story in great anticipation, but were disappointed to learn it was a hoax.

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